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Welcome to My "Basics" Blog!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my new Blog, which will focus much more on the “basics” of guitar, the music business and much more. In the course of these Blogs, which are also going to accompany my line of more “basic” Gibson lessons, we’ll be talking about taking you from “Guitar Hero” to you first gig and beyond! Maybe even to being a real guitar hero! Regardless, I’ll be focusing on the real nitty-gritty of what it takes for you to really make your way in this world as a guitarist, whether it’s for your own personal pleasure, or if you, like I did, intend to make it your life. The guitar, and music in general, is such a continuing learning experience, and with myself being a self-taught musician I have countless stories, “words to the wise” and many other tips and pointers I can impart to really help you navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of a musical career.

We’ll be discussing everything, from buying your first guitar to copywriting and publishing songs. All that you’ll need to know will be passed on to you, by me, someone who has learned it all in the real “school of life,” and who knows how to pass it on. I also must say, that I welcome your comments and questions always, so please do not hesitate to write to me, and I will try as hard as I can to answer all of them!

So, please be sure to stay tuned, as you’ll never know what new ideas and inspiration you’ll be able to draw from these Blogs I’ll be posting! I truly hope you enjoy them!

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