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Putting in Good Playing Time

Okay, so now we assume you may have a decent guitar that feels good to play, and you’re ready to start really learning! This is an incredibly exciting time for you, as the world of guitar is wide open to you, and to all you will want to discover. One of the most important things will be for you to be able to find the time to devote to playing the guitar as much as possible. You will need to build up the toughness of the tips of your fretting fingers, so it won’t be so painful to you in the beginning. This is critical, as many are turned off by playing the guitar in the beginning by it simply hurting too much! So, play a little each day in the beginning, as you don’t want to develop blisters too soon, which will really hurt. As you build up the callous on your fingers, you can then “step up” your daily playing regimen into more and more time.

Once you’re really into playing, it’s important to keep it a happy time for you. I never considered it to be “practice”, as the pure joy I was getting from the guitar just made me have to “play” rather than “practice” each and every day. This is what you must keep in mind; it’s always meant to be fun to play the guitar, and this is a stage where each new discovery on the instrument is meant to be a positive experience. If you have a private teacher who is just giving you a bunch of uninteresting material and telling you to practice it hard and to have it ready by the next lesson, I’d suggest that you change teachers. A good teacher should always have you feel like you’re making real music right from the start, because after all, that’s why you started playing in the first place, right?!

I can remember that I loved to play so much when I used to come home from school that my parents would always find me asleep, with my guitar in my arms, with the record I was playing to skipping at the end! This was a regular occurrence, as I always couldn’t wait to get home and play what I was dreaming up in my head! So be sure to make all those wonderful guitar fantasies of yours come true, every chance you get, and be sure to learn something new every day. Also, make sure you always dedicate some time each day to play, you’ll be so glad you did!

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