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More About Shopping for a Guitar

Hi, everyone, and welcome back to my new blog entries for my “basics” series. I am so happy to be adding another dimension to my Gibson lessons by offering a lot more material for the “beginners” and “newcomers” out there who have lots of needs ad questions to be addressed!

In this entry, I am continuing the discussion I started last time about hunting for your first guitar, and how critical that can be. This is a “once in a lifetime” experience that really is full of memories, as well as potential “bumps in the road” as you find your way to that perfect “first” instrument! I know that back in my early days, my father was so encouraging about me getting into the guitar, that he took an active role in looking for guitars with me, as well as falling in love with the sheer beauty of them, both electric as well as acoustic. We always passionately went from store to store, looking at vintage pieces, as well as looking into whatever was available at that time that we could get on a budget. I ended up buying a cheap Japanese-made guitar called an “Ideal” along with a real beginner’s amp. It certainly looked cool, had lots of chrome, four (count ‘em) four pickups, and lots of slider switches! I already had a good classical guitar at that point, which was really well-made, but the electric turned out to be a mistake, and within a year, I was already looking for, and falling in love many other more expensive guitars.

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