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Putting Together Your Own Recording

Sooner or later, when you are starting out, you’re surely going to want to hear your work recorded. This is true of everyone, whether they are playing solo or with a band, and of course, these days, more people are working on the art of recording themselves than ever before. With the advent of digital technology, and the ability to really scale down a lot of the equipment that is used, the idea of a home studio has become a reality for many more folks than ever possible before.

I know that for my own personal musical endeavors, I have always, and still do prefer to “go to” a place of work, where I can feel like my focus and energy level is definitely up a notch, as opposed to the old “fall out of bed and record” mentality of the home studio. The problem with that kind of home studio deal is that it tends to make me complacent, and always makes me “put off” doing what I would have to do if I was at a studio where “time was money, and money was time!” There’s also the simple factor that I believe most of us would rather have the engineering part of it in the hands of a true professional, who really knows what they’re doing! I always feel much more reassured when I know I’m dealing with a person whose recording techniques are just as well-honed as my playing techniques. This helps me worry about one thing, and one thing only…the music!

Of course, you must be diligent, and learn from everything that is taking place…placement of mics, recording tips, sound quality etc., and certainly don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel that things are not sounding the way you want them to. It’s very easy early on in the game of recording to assume that the engineer and anyone else involved behind the scenes knows exactly what they are doing, but a real pro would want as much input from you as possible, thereby enabling he or she to get a much clearer picture of what and who they are dealing with.

This is so important, because after all, if everyone is really doing their respective jobs well, the decisions then should all boil down to artistic ones, where it really becomes a matter of taste and your own creativity that governs the final outcome. Since you are really the boss, it’s so important also to feel that you are the one giving the final yeas or nays when it comes to the recording, because after all, it’s your music. Make sure whatever goes down on the recording is really how you want it to be! More on this important topic in future installments. Till then, have fun!

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