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Building Your Confidences as a Player

We all know, or at least should know, that confidence plays such a huge role in whether or not we ever become the real players we are to become. The early days of my extreme confidence really helped me move forward, and certainly played a role in helping push me onward to become a far better player. There are many pitfalls and roadblocks that can hold you back along the way, but it is important to recognize this and to be able to move on past any of the negativity.

The truth is, that if you are really any good at all, you are already going to stand out from the crowd. This will become apparent to you as you play open jams, open mic nights and as you enter any fairly “competitive” situation where other players are involved. What will really become obvious to you is that while there may be an incredibly large amount of players these days, the ones who are truly “good” or even “great” are few and far between. This has just always been the case, and if you have what it takes, plus the confidence to go with it, you are already many steps far ahead of so many others!

Once you actually start to get real positive reactions to what you are doing, you’ll be amazed at what an affect it can have on you and your playing. Of course you’ll hit the occasional “slump”, but overall, any positives you receive will really prove to go a long way, and will make for some great and poignant memories from your “formative” years.

I know I’ll never forget the early words of encouragement I got in the beginning, and how they affected me. Not only that, but the sheer diversity of where these positives can come from is mind-boggling. I can recall them from teachers, my parents, fellow performers, producers, other guitarists and especially audiences! This always pushed me onward, and as I always like to say, I really feel like I literally learned in front of audiences all over the world!

I would certainly say that for you, it is important to cultivate as much positivity as you can from your playing. And by this, I mean real positivity, not just empty slaps on the back that you really know aren’t encouraging you at all, even though they are meant to! Build up that confidence, and you’ll feel comfortable in nearly all situations. Sure, there will be some rough roads ahead, but after all, this is the music business, isn’t it? In the long run, it’ll all pay off, and I want all of this experience to make you the best guitar player you can possibly be!

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