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Always be Good to Your Teacher!

Now, the title here doesn’t mean how I’d like you to treat me, although that certainly couldn’t hurt! But what I am talking about is showing a good deal of respect and deference to your teacher, especially if he or she is someone of great experience, who is a true veteran of teaching. The road of music is a long, often hard one, and the seat that teacher occupies can sometimes be a hard-earned one. One that is full of a lifetime of trials and errors, tribulations, successes and failures, and the situation of you two sitting together can be a volatile one for the teacher as much as for you.

Obviously, a lot of these kinds of thoughts come from my own experiences, and yes, there have been times, albeit rare, when I have felt not enough or basically no respect from my student! This can be very disheartening, and can take the wind out of my sails real quickly. And what does this all lead to? Simply the fact that then no learning will take place, at least none of any consequence, for sure. There’s nothing worse than a teacher who is broken-hearted and not respected, and a student who pays no attention, nor any respect.

The best situation is a healthy “give and take” that occurs between student and teacher, resulting in a good rapport that is always a healthy exchange of ideas and concepts. The kind of situation that keeps the teacher on his toes just as much as the student is on his toes! After all, there has to be an “edge” to what is going on during a guitar lesson, and there must be a good set of challenges for the teacher and the student. I know that I love teaching all levels of players, but my favorites are the lessons where I have a real challenging student, who pushes the limits of what I know. This invariably always stimulates my ideas, my playing and my thinking, and I love to keep having to come up with more and more creative things to teach!

So, of course, be good to your teacher, be kind, be respectful but most of all, be a stimulating person to teach. After all, you AND the teacher should always be wanting to come back for more!

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