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To Take Lessons or Not?

I think it’s always a good idea to get started with someone who is really experienced showing you a thing or two through guitar lessons. I am a self-taught guitarist for sure, and in the end, maybe we all are, but I also had some classical guitar lessons in the beginning that helped me gain a great deal of respect for the instrument we all know and love so dearly. I showed such a quick natural talent though, that the teacher simply dispensed with the use of music, since I picked everything up from watching and listening! I guess I was also making her job a lot easier too, with even realizing it!

Still, it set me off on the right path as far as my physical relationship to the guitar was concerned, and then all the “ear” stuff I was able to acquire afterwards came to me that much easier thanks to the foundation she had given me. This I see is also very true with many of the students I have now and have had over the years in terms of seeing them really “take off” as the result of many of the ideas and challenges I have given them.

I suppose this is the best thing you can hope for, is to have the kind of teacher who really does set those challenges for you, and who dares you to keep getting better. Some of my students I can see are literally “addicted” to my lessons, mainly due to the challenge that they need to keep them going. We aren’t all equally motivated, and some of you may benefit much more from a fairly structured regimen of lessons with a caring teacher, who is really tuned in to you and your level of expertise. The little bits of encouragement you may get from a teacher at the right time can really work wonders for your ego as well as your belief in your own playing abilities, and they sure helped mine.

So, as I’ve said before, in the end, “we all really teach ourselves”, but there’s nothing wrong with being taught, as well as inspired by someone whom we really respect as a teacher, and who really respects us as players/students! Best of luck in your continued learning quest!

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