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Getting into Songwriting

Songwriting is really not for everyone, but I do believe there is a song in everyone, if they take the time to listen to their “inner” voice. I know that most of us have these ideas sort of “floating around” inside of us, and once in awhile they can come out in a coherent and fascinating way!

I found that in my early days, the minute I had enough chords to work with, which weren’t many, I instantly wanted to be able to write a song with them. I can even remember performing that song on the handball court of the bungalow colony we used to summer at in the Catskills when I was just 10 years old, singing and playing it for everybody. It’s a great thrill, and it’s never really too soon to start writing, if you have “it” in you.

Again, this is another example of what it’s like to “make the most of what you know”, and to put it to good use. Instrumentals are fine, and that’s basically how many of my songs stay, or at least stay a long time that way before I finally put lyrics to them! I find that lyrics usually tend to come all at once with the music many times if I really have something I want to verbally say, and this “immediacy” helps in the creation of a song. You may find that this “spontaneous” approach might take hold of you if you’re in the creative mood, or an instrumental riff may get stuck with you, and last a long time just like that, long before you end up writing lyrics to it. And hey, you may never write lyrics to it, and it might just end up being a great instrumental piece! Another thing to keep in mind is how many professional songwriters really “put in the time” every day to really work at their craft. I like doing it this way, too, especially when I know there is specific reason to finish the song, like there’s a recording session waiting or an artist who’s waiting for that specific piece to be delivered to them!

I have 2 new albums I’m working on now that will be largely instrumental, and of course, I am constantly re-interpreting other songs with lyrics into instrumentals, like I just did on my new all Simon and Garfunkel and all Dylan albums.

So, try your hand at writing, and see where it leads you…you just never know what may be inside of you, perhaps the next big hit!

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