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Choosing the Right Guitar!

Hi, and welcome to my new “blog” section, devoted to the more “beginner” players out there. I certainly hope you gain a lot of insight from both my new lessons, as well as these blogs!

Today, we start with the simple or not-so-simpletask of choosing the right guitar for you. Keep in mind that if you’re not really playing yet at all, buying a guitar is a vast, uncharted frontier to navigate! The first thing you’ll always be attracted to is how the instrument “looks,” since how it actually plays and sounds is barely of consequence to you; and even if it was, you wouldn’t have the tools to really check it out properly for yourself yet. I know that I always look forward to helping my beginner students get their first instruments, as I take great pride in making sure the right guitar is in their hands! There’s nothing like a clean slate with which to work, and the new guitar is a wonderful experience that goes hand in hand with the new learning. For god’s sake, I can still remember how my first couple of guitars’ cases smelled when I opened them up! Come to think of it…I can recall how every guitar’s case smelled that I’ve ever owned! But I digress…

Anyway, many times you may get a really good salesman who will take the time with you to make sure that you really get the right guitar for you, as opposed to just getting what you’re most attracted to.

Of course, the physical attraction must be there as well. It’s kind of like buying a car; no matter what we really care and feel about in terms of safety, gas mileage, reliability etc., it still has to totally look cool to us, and suit our personalities. This is very true of guitars, as well, and if we like the way it looks, it’s already saying a lot about us. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time to start collecting later on, and realizing that there can never be enough guitars that we think look or sound cool! As our music becomes more complex and eclectic, so shall our taste in guitars, as we will find all kinds of excuses as to why we may need “just one more”!

But first, make sure that your introductory instrument is something that doesn’t fight you, plays easily, fits your hands well, isn’t too heavy, and of course, is attractive to you. We never want something that makes us not want to pick it up, but we always want something that makes us have to pick it up! It’ll only make us better players, and faster learners, too! Happy guitar hunting! Stay tuned for more advice!

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