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Don't Let Your Guitar Hold You Back!

I have found that far too many people think that they must either start themselves or their kids on a really bad guitar, and will only “step up” to a better model if they show real interest or improvement in playing. Well, of course the problem with this is that we never want the instrument to actually “hold us back”, but very often it does…even by our own choosing! This is usually due to financial reasons, but truthfully, if that is a major concern, as it should be, you can still get many great guitars that will not discourage you from playing at all, and at an affordable price, too!

A perfect example is Gibson. Here we have a maker of truly fine instruments, yet able to keep a consistency of quality at many price points. This also includes the Epiphone line, which is decidedly lower-priced, and aimed at a wide audience of people who want good playability and quality at a truly affordable price. If you watch my Gibson online lessons, you’ll see that I am equally at home on the Gibsons as well as the Epiphones, and in fact, I simply loved all the guitars! It’s so smart when a guitar maker really makes the effort to keep a consistency amongst their products, so that a prospective or returning buyer really knows that they can expect good quality, regardless of price.

Sure, some guitars are always going to be more “luxurious” than others, and their prices will be adjusted accordingly, but I think the real test is when a maker can “bring in” an economy brand that still delivers the goods, and most of all, encourages you to pick it up and play it!  This is the true test of a good guitar builder, and in my opinion, there’s only one way to build them, and that’s with playability and great sound! This can be achieved at every price point level. After all, look at some of the vintage guitars that are so prized right now…..many of them were really the “economy” models of their day!

So, always choose your guitars wisely, never, ever let them hold you or anyone else back and always be sure to feel encouraged to play the one that’s in your hands! Sometimes you’ll see that it will just “call out” to you, just begging to be played!!

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