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Handling Auditions

Whenever you have to audition for a gig, it can be a “loaded” situation to say the least. Every gig, every person, every audition is completely different from the next, and you really can never know what to expect when you show up! That is of course, unless you actually know the people involved, and that the deck is already “stacked” in you favor as you try out for the gig. Even then, though there will no doubt be some surprises waiting for you, as I believe everyone is looking for something “new” from you regardless of how much you think they “know” you. Perhaps it’s just because they like to feel that “power” they hold over you, or if they just like to mess with you, but in the end an audition seems to always “feel” like an audition!

The best way for you to approach it is to try to remain as calm as possible, and to remember why they called you for the gig in the first place, and therefore to put your “best foot” forward. I know that from my own experience, unless the given gig was totally inappropriate for me, I usually did a good job of impressing the parties involved, and usually turned opinion around, even if there were doubters of me to begin with as I walked in. I almost always walked out having impressed everyone, and in fact sometimes messing things up, because they thought they already had their minds made up, but I managed to change their minds!

It’s really one of the best feelings ever to do a great job at an audition, and you must remember not to “judge” how you did based on their ultimate decision. It should really depend on how you feel about how you performed, and whether or not they got to see the best you have to offer. That has always been my biggest regret when it comes to auditions; when I feel as if I never really got my best “chance” to do the best I could, and to really show what I can do. Unfortunately, it’s often feeling like a “victim of circumstance” that can negatively affect you, as often the music just isn’t really your cup of tea!

I remember passing the audition for The Billy Joel gig, but already being offered the tour with Art Garfunkel at the same time…..Billy was certainly nice enough, and they really wanted me, but I realized that there wasn’t a single guitar solo in the show at that time, and I was not about to “fade into the background” with a band at the age of 25! I wanted to be heard, and Art Garfunkel to me was a much more established artist at that point, and so much of the show was really just he and I, as I was playing Paul Simon’s parts, and had other opportunities during the show to showcase my creativity. Not to mention the fact that the gig was much easier, less touring, and yet, better money!

So as you can see, there are many, many things that can go into an audition and the eventual decision that either you or the others make, but as long as you feel that you gave it your best shot, you should never feel let down. There’s always something new and exciting around the corner for you…trust me!

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