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The "Winter Blues" and the Guitar

This has been a record-breaking winter here in the Northeast as well as across much of this country, and my closeness with my music and guitars while being so snowed in has really been a great savior during such times of “cabin fever” and “winter blues!” It makes me also aware that many of you must also be experiencing the same kinds of long days and nights, and that you are realizing that the guitar can be an uplifting and good familiar friend to have!

Music has always been a great healer during tough times, and even though I am doing many recording dates these days, they really only happen when the roads and my driveway are passable! Other than this, I make sure to put in a lot of playing, and to teach myself some new pieces, and to set some new musical goals for myself in the process. I have found that the kinds of emotions that one encounters in tough times such as these can really invoke some new sounds as well as some great new creative ideas.

I would recommend that during this winter, you try to spend a lot of quality time with your instrument, and that you be sure to make as much good out of this time as possible. Be sure to record your spontaneous ideas, save them, critique them and most of all try to improve from them. The time you spend with your guitar will truly pay off, and you’ll always remember the times that led to your creative output.

I know that right now, even during my lessons, I am coming up with a literal “flood” of great ideas, especially with the fact that I am doing a new solo album pushing me forward. So, whether or not you have such a project to look forward to or not, be sure to put all of this “indoor” time with your guitar to the best use possible. You can always make “lemonade out of lemons”, and this is a perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of it! Beat the “winter blues” right now! Good luck!

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