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When Song Ideas Strike!

Arlen Roth Gibson L7

Just yesterday, I did what often happens to me…I picked up a different guitar, and instantly created a new riff and basis for a new song on the spot! It’s amazing how often this type of thing occurs with me. It’s almost as if my years and years of teaching myself and forcing myself to always have new ideas has also spawned a kind of “instant” creativity that just flows out of me, particularly when inspired by a certain tone. In this instance, I was enthralled with the kind of snarly and edgy distorted tone I was getting. Mix that with the kind of harmonic distortion and overtones I was hearing, and I had a perfect formula for the kinds of sounds I felt like making at the time!

Often, these ideas that “strike” us out of the blue can fizzle away almost just as quickly as they come…almost like when you wake from a seemingly “unforgettable” dream, so we must learn and have certain “devices” in place for remembering what we just spontaneously came up with! In the case of yesterday’s creativity, I created a situation where I made it into a song that I couldn’t get out of my head! By actually using this approach, one that sometimes can become annoying, I truly emblazoned my new song into my memory in such a way that I could never forget it! To back that up, I wrote it down on some tablature paper, so I’d remember the rhythm and groove of it, as well as the notes and positions.

It’s very important to remember these songs when the do hit you, because the moment is fleeting, and your ability to remember these is a different skill than actually coming up with them in the first place. We create them seemingly “out of the blue”, yet to remember them takes a whole other set of skills, and most of all, we just don’t want to lose these great, creative ideas!

I used to use the funniest ways to remember these ideas, and most of the time they’d work….saying things like “groove similar to Hot fun in the Summertime” and original melody like House of the Rising Sun”, etc.. It can actually get real entertaining coming up with these comparisons, but certainly you get the idea, I’m sure!

So whatever it takes, be sure to not forget your incredibly spontaneous ideas; you just never know what they can mean to you in the future, and you also may never know just how certain variations that will naturally occur later on will also take shape! Have fun in your search.

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