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About Us

Founded in 2002, the Gibson Foundation is committed to making the World a better place for children by creating, developing and supporting programs and other non-profit organizations in their efforts to advance education, music and the arts, the environment, and health & welfare causes.

Mission Categories The Gibson Foundation strives to improve the condition of underserved youth through investments of resources, effort and ideas in five important categories:

Education Programs that advocate effective innovation in knowledge development for young people, by emphasize literacy and life coping skills through creativity and imagination.

Music & Art Programs that inspire and encourage underserved youth to appreciate and practice individual creative expression.

Environment Programs that protect underserved youth from environmental hazards, and encourage effective activism on their behalf towards preserving a sustainable natural world.

Health & Welfare Programs that focus on ensuring the well-being and safety of underserved youth, with an emphasis on policy level advocacy to ensure culturally relevant, community-based supports.

Community Programs that serve the Foundation Mission by strengthening organizations within the Gibson community otherwise not served by the four main Mission Direction categories.

Current List of 990 Tax Documents:
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For more information, contact: Donation.Request@gibson.com